Kirsten Henning
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Individual Coaching

Individual coaching



My Approach

In addition to my leadership training and communications consulting, I also have my own coaching practice for people who are in the midst of life transitions and adversity, including chronic illness, living abroad, and professional development. I am interested in the human condition because I am continually impressed with how people handle adversity. By working with you one-on-one I can help you use your internal compass to hold your own and uncover a path to the next season. Ultimately, I want to help you find the courage to imagine that your life could be different from what it is now. 

Areas of Focus

I’ve witnessed my own struggles and healing processes, and I’m very humbled to witness the journey of many others who have done the same. Here are some areas I have experience in navigating:

cultural transitions

I lived in Japan for seven years. First as a student in Kyoto, studying abroad, and then I returned on the JET Programme in Kobe. I have conducted cultural trainings for ex-pats and then worked with them when they arrived back home. I also counseled New Yorkers living in Japan during the aftermath of 9/11.

leadership in the workplace/career planning

I’ve worked in multiple pressure cooker offices and I know what it takes to persevere and more importantly, help others do it too. I’ve survived and thrived with all kinds of managers, and even managed turnaround processes myself. 

chronic illness

I am someone who deals with an undiagnosed autoimmune disorder so I know a lot about healing and dealing. The truth is that I have very supportive family and friends, but I often felt completely alone during the height of my illness. Chronic pain is a part of my life and it gives me special empathy glasses to better understand others' suffering and their healing processes. 


Healing processes are not linear, whether you are coping with natural disasters or illness. In addition to my experience with chronic illness, I am also part of the Kizuna and Kakehashi programs that help students who survived the Great East Japan earthquake heal from trauma and regain joy in their lives. I want to help people acknowledge and find the courage to sit with their own feelings. 


How Coaching Works

I wish I had all the answers, just for you. But I don’t. And to be honest, the discovery process is much more interesting. First I want to help you develop some concrete coping techniques to handle your current situation. Then we can mine your own experiences, imagination and viewpoint for ways to bring forward your inner flashlight. From there you will be able to discover a path where you actually look forward to waking up in the morning. 

The Nitty Gritty

All of my work is fully customized, depending on your current needs. Here's what it might look like:

  • Six 1-hour sessions, either in person, or via Skype or phone

  • Personal inventory form

  • Email follow up with action list from me

  • Access to and ongoing support from me via email for one month past our last session

  • Look-book: my favorite part! This is where I curate all of our findings, or ideas from your imagination—a compilation of quotes, images, movie characters, songs, etc. It serves as an anchor to remind you who you are.

I have a few spots available this winter. I’m also offering some one-off mentoring meetings and scholarship packages. Bottom line, if you would like to work with me, I want to hear from you!

The joy of living is inside you. Live it. Believe in it.
— Tao Porchon-Lynch