Kirsten Henning
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Kirsten Henning

Individual Coaching

Training & Communications

Improv Comedy


With 20 years of experience, I work with people at the intersection of leadership, empathy, humor, and healing. 

I design leadership trainings and provide communications strategies for a wide range of companies and organizations. Utilizing improv comedy and storytelling, I bring a unique perspective to my work that is both joyful and effective. 

I also have a coaching practice for individuals who are undergoing life transitions and adversity, including chronic illness, living abroad, and career development.

I've worked as both a consultant and an in-house executive with multicultural organizations and multigenerational teams. Think of me as a professional navigator, able to guide you to a more efficient, gratifying work place through coaching, strategic communications, and crisis management.

How to Work with Me

For organizations: training and communications

I work with a wide range of companies and organizations on strategic communications, leadership and empathy trainings, storytelling, and crisis management. 

For individuals: coaching

Come on over to my coaching practice and let me help you navigate your journey, one-on-one.